How To Choose the Best Quick Release Degreaser? 

Cleaning heavy machinery, vehicles, and equipment are not as easy as it seems. You may be wondering what everyone else uses to clean heavy machinery and vehicles. The answer is: heavy-duty quick-release degreaser. The quick-release degreaser is used for cleaning all kinds of spaces like floors, workshops, garages, factories, kitchens, offices, canteens, and more. 

Quick Break removes oil, dirt, grease, and grime from all kinds of hard surfaces. Since the product is quite concentrated, you don’t have to keep buying more. The concentrated liquid is economical since one container can be used for a long time. 

The question is – How do you choose a quick-release degreaser? You must choose the best, and that’s why we have a quick post for you. Keep reading! 

Choosing the Best Quick-Release Degreaser: 

There are quite a few quick-release degreasers. Here’s how you can choose the best ones: 

  1. It should have a quick-break formulation. 
  2. The product should not contain any hazardous or toxic ingredients since you will be exposed to it. 
  3. The product should have a moderate pH level. 
  4. It should contain very few or no additives such as inhibitors, chelator, builder, dyes, and fragrances. 
  5. It’s best to choose a product that can be applied on plastic and rubber. 

Which is The Best Heavy Duty Quick-release Degreaser? 

Let’s just break some news here: it is best to choose an environment-friendly product. With degreasers like Optimax degreaser, you should be at ease. It’s quick-release; thus, eco-friendly, and you can use it on both plastic and rubber surfaces.

It is used for deep cleaning hard surfaces, vehicles, machinery, cement floors, and much more. When you purchase a degreaser, you should be able to use it without any hassle. The Optimax degreaser is easy to use – you can simply dilute the solution, and then spray it on anything you wish to clean. All you have to do is scrub and then brush. 

Moreover, it comes in three sizes. You can pick the largest one in case you have more hard surfaces to clean. 

Overall, it’s a very potent quick-release degreaser. The biggest advantage of the product is that it’s eco-friendly and safe on most surfaces (even the painted ones). 

In fact, if you’re from an industry that releases wastewater, it’s even more important to pick a degreaser that can first segregate oil and contaminants before the wastewater is released in the surrounding lakes. Not only is it ethical but it’s also a legal obligation. So, go ahead and choose something that solves the purpose and does not harm the environment.