Essential Points To Consider Before Painting Your Car

Some people lose their sleep over a small scratch on their cars. Your vehicle can be precious to you. Hence, when it comes to repainting your cherished car, you should consider the following points, as suggested by auto body Los Angeles.

Do you need to repaint your car?

You must accept the fact that car painting is expensive. Hence, before diving into it, first, evaluate the market resale price of your car. If the cost of repainting is estimated to be more than 25% of the car value, then you should drop the idea. If there is minor patchwork required, get it done & keep driving the old vehicle till you are ready to invest in a new one.

Car painting is time-consuming.

Are you prepared to go without your automobile for about a week? Though some car painting shops promise a delivery time of 3 days, the usual turnaround time is about a week. You cannot apply fresh paint if there are scratches, gouges, dents, pits, rust marks, or holes on the car body. Applying fresh paint will make them even more obvious. Hence, one has to do the necessary repair work first, remove the old paint, and then apply the new one.

Changing the color will add to the cost.

Whether to repaint your car or not is in itself a major consideration. On top of that, if you are contemplating changing the exterior color of your car, then take a pause and rethink. This will significantly increase the expense and bring you back to the first question, “is it worth it?” If you are not thinking about replacing your car soon, you may go ahead with the desired car paint. However, if you do not have an overwhelming urge to change the color, then it’s worth sticking to the old one.

What type of paint to opt for?

You are probably ready to repaint your car at this stage. A critical point to consider is the type of paint you want to go for. You have a plethora of choices, from solid hues to metallic looks to pearlescent tonnes and matte finishes. Each of these has varying costs. Solid hues are a common choice as they are the cheapest option. A metallic look will provide a superior outlook to your car but will obviously cost more. Pearlescent tonnes give a dazzling look to your car but will dig a deeper hole in your pocket. Matte finishes (at premier price) will give your car a top-notch look that will make every head turn around as you zoom past.

Do-it-yourself or get it done.

Are you the type who pulls up his sleeve and gets his hands dirty for any job? You can then consider doing this stuff on your own. However, don’t forget to spend adequate time researching how to do priming & painting your car. In most cases, though, you would rather leave it to the expert to perform his tricks.

Quality is of the essence, as the best and cheapest auto body shops in Los Angeles will say

You have eventually decided to take your car to the body shop. While your head is whirling with the visuals of a newly painted car, you may suddenly come across a billboard offering a 50% discount on your first car paint. A quick calculation will tell you that the $2000 job will now be done at $1000. Don’t rush into this. There are a lot of factors that go into a great car painting job. Hence, you are more likely to get what you pay for. Usually, the difference between a good finish and a bad job is the pre-painting prep that the body shop takes. If the existing glitches and the old paint are not repaired/removed with due diligence, then the end result will be below par. Since you have decided to invest in fresh paint, you might as well spend a little extra to get a quality job done.

Your car interiors may need to be removed.

You may not realize that paint shops may have to remove the dashboard, console and even the seats to carry out their work. These can get damaged during painting unless they are removed. In some cases, they can hinder the painting work. Hence they are removed before the work starts. Don’t leave any belongings in your car at the time of handing over.


If you are spending a hefty amount, then you might as well seek some form of guarantee that the paint will last long enough. Most reputed auto body shops in Los Angeles do provide written quality assurance for their work, but there’s no harm in asking for it before settling the bill.

Repainting may add to the resale value.  

If your car is in good condition otherwise, then a good repainting job may increase the resale price. But, for older cars, the cost of repainting can turn out to be more than the perceived increase in the market value. Choose wisely.

The best auto body shops in Los Angeles are ready to assess your car’s condition & advise you accordingly.