Aftermarket or OEM Brake Pads – What’s the best pick?

It’s about time to change the brake pads of the car, and you are looking for the best possible option. There are endless choices, but you have to buy the best. Hold that thought! Some people try to save extra bucks by sticking with their OEM brake pads and others are worried whether the after-market variant would do justice or not.

We get a lot of questions and this is one of them. Should you opt for ceramic ones or semi-metallic brake pads? Should you stick with OEM brake pads or go for an after-market one?

We understand your plight, and that’s why we would love to share what we know.

OEM Brake Pads – Great Option for Daily Drivers

If you are driving daily, OEM brake pads will be best. But there are some vehicle owners who don’t have any other option but to choose aftermarket brakes.

Vehicle manufacturers usually choose the preferred type of OE brake pads based on noise, stopping ability, dust, and wear.

Here’s a list of pros of owning OEM brake pads.

The Pros:

  • Allows quiet and soft braking
  • Less of wear and tear
  • Best for cold weather and immediate driving

The Cons:

  • The brake pads might wear out sooner
  • The mushy brake pedal feeling is not pleasant
  • Can’t handle extreme drives

If you’re an adventurer, it’s time to check out aftermarket brake pads. Don’t worry about where you are going to find them. Cross drilled brake parts are best in Canada, but before you purchase the after-market ones, keep reading to find out why they’re recommended.

After-Market Brake Pads – Are they worth it?

As an adventurer, you would need brake pads that can handle extreme weather and road conditions.

Here’s a list of pros and cons you might like to check.


  • After-market brake pads are made with a range of compounds like aramid and organic fiber
  • Shorter stopping distances as compared to OEM pads
  • Provides a consistent pedal feel and offers way better pedal modulation


  • It may be noisier (research before you buy)
  • Might produce brake dust

If you ask us, we feel that both the brake pads are great, but after-market ones are robust. OEM brake pads are basic – they’re fine for daily driving. However, life is short and you must go on an adventure from time to time. Don’t shy away from purchasing high-quality after-market brake pads. Cross Drilled Rotors in Canada is the best when it comes to brake pads!